Replace 9V batteries with USB type-C

With portable chargers everywhere, including ones that support USB type-C power delivery and USB type-A QC, I’ve been on a bit of a USB type-C kick lately. I wrote previously about a USB type-C adapter for Milwaukee M12 devices. I used another 12V USB type-C board to create a 12V fan adapter for powering fans from a portable charger so I don’t need to keep any kind of power supply nearby.

And recently I decided to replace the 9V battery connector on my multimeter with a 9V USB type-C power board.

I also drilled out a channel on the side of the battery compartment to allow a type-C cable to pass through so I can still close the battery compartment.

Simple little upgrade that means I can use my multimeter without having to worry about batteries.

And it’s a simple upgrade I can make to anything that uses a 9V battery. And since these power boards are typically sold in packs of 5 or more, it’s easier to just replace the battery terminal as opposed to making an adapter to a 9V battery terminal.

And obviously this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway because people are stupid and stupid people are litigious: DO NOT DO THIS TO A SMOKE DETECTOR, CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR, OR POISON GAS DETECTOR!