Blackmail variant – 2022-06-20

“I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse!” Seriously?


I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse. If reputation means anything to you.
I am a programmer who likes to dig into other people's dirty laundry and I hack into cell phones, laptops, computers, tablets of users like you in order to extract from them "interesting" photos, videos, recordings of conversations or correspondence.

I infected your device with a virus and have been watching you for over 2 months now. 
During these months, I have accumulated a lot of interesting information about you.
Not only do I have access to your phone book, correspondence, audio, but I also have information about the sites you visit. Can you guess what I'm talking about?

I collect a selection of photos and videos, audio recordings, correspondence from the devices of users like you with the help of viruses and copy them to my own server.
I've got some bad news for you. I can leak all of this online for general access, send it to your friends, relatives, acquaintances, send it to social networks and messengers. 
Trust me. This is something that can destroy your reputation once and for all!
The effect will be fantastic! They will see what you do in all its glory. It only takes one click for me to leak the information.
You have the power to stop it. 
What do you have to do to stop it? I'll tell you about that next.

You need to make a $1400 (US dollars) transfer to my bitcoin wallet. If you do not know how such transfers are made, just type in Google query: "Buy Bitcoin".
My bitcoin wallet (BTC Wallet): bc1q9t00zwx6p2ns3 lkztqg080ndhath440xneejyv (without space in wallet)
Nothing complicated, right? 
After receiving the specified amount, I will immediately delete all the information and leave you alone forever!
But you need to hurry up. I don't like to wait long!
I'll give you 48 hours.
Don't think you can ignore me. After you read this message, I automatically get a notification about it. 
From then on, you have two days to pay!
Yes. You don't need to try to apply for help to resolve this situation. Bitcoin wallet is untraceable, and the sender address is automatically created.
But if I happen to know that you share this email with someone else (and I will), I'll do a newsletter right away!
I hope you make the right choice!

Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd, Bangalore, India