Youporn scam

Porn seems to be a common… avenue by which scams play out. All of the links in the below email are inoperable, but I’ve changed the Bitcoin address link to I’ve seen scam emails for Geek Squad, Norton Internet Security, Best Buy, etc. But this is honestly the first time I’ve received a scam email from a porn site.

Uploaded content: Feedback required

You have uploaded a sexually explicit content to our platform.

At our company, we take the security and privacy of our users very seriously, and we use advanced technology to help detect and prevent the distribution of non-consensual intimate images and videos.

While our tools are powerful, we also rely on human oversight to ensure that our platform remains safe and secure for everyone.
If you have approved the upload of this content, you do not need to take any further action. The video will be published to our library within the next seven days, and you will have an opportunity to review the content after the grace period has passed.

However, if you did not approve the upload of this content, we kindly ask that you follow the instructions below to take immediate action.

Our platform boasts an extensive network of websites and partners, which means that ensuring the security of our content is a top priority.

To achieve this, all uploaded content is digitally fingerprinted using both the MediaWise® service from Vobile® and Safeguard, our own proprietary digital fingerprinting software.

This helps to prevent unauthorized distribution of content on our platform.

If you did not authorize this video upload, you can remove it for free here.

However, if you need an extra protection, we can initiate a quick automated removal process, but we would require a fee to do so.

The basic express removal, blocking, and protection against re-uploading of content on our network of 20 websites costs $199 USD.
As a digital company, we take great pride in our integrity and measures, which is why we offer additional options for protecting against unauthorized content uploads 24/7.

We have all our processes automated, including payment processing, for your convenience.

Our Plan A includes everything in the basic removal option, plus digitally fingerprinting of the content and automated removal and protection against re-uploading to our vast network of partner websites (300+) for one year, all for $699 USD.

If you require the best protection available, we recommend our
Plan B, which includes everything in Plan A plus digital protection by MediaWise® and Safeguard based on facial recognition data for three years. This ensures that any content with your biometrics will be blocked, and it costs $1399 USD.

Our system takes care of your request automatically and swiftly, so there’s no need to contact us.

The payment process is automated through a Bitcoin gateway, and the digital number you receive below is unique to your case and doesn’t require any extra confirmation.

To transfer the amount corresponding to your chosen option, copy and paste this identifier into your preferred cryptocurrency wallet.
You can review the content uploaded after the seven-day grace period, either by checking our library or by contacting the member who uploaded the content.

We encourage users who feature in content and wish to prevent its upload to our platform to consider proactively digitally fingerprinting it.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
This email was sent to [REDACTED] from
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