Geek Squad – 2022-10-14

Another Geek Squad scam message. This time I took the raw HTML of the message and just pasted it here since it’s just text.


Hello there! 


Thank you for choosing [Geek Squad] Tech for your computer and network security!

You are receiving this notification because you have subscribed for ultra-PC security shield plan last year which expired today.

So as per our previous communication wherein you opted for automatic debit, we have once again renewed and restored the annual services.

The annual subscription cost $ 389.99 is processed from the updated account credit balance, the charge will appear on the statement within 24 hours.

This subscription secures your 04 home devices along with the home network for a period of one year, the current subscription will be expired on 13 Oct. 2023.

Should you have any queries or doubt regarding this subscription or you have any payment related issues, kindly contact us immediately to avoid transactional disputes.

For Assistance # Contact Support # +1{855-393-0656} Toll-Free 

Please note, in case of service cancellation the amount will be refunded back to the original payment source within 24 hours.

Best regards, Smith

  Client assistance and Records Helpdesk Dept.