Geek Squad scam message

The timing on this one was rather apt since I was browsing the Geek Squad website recently for setting up a camera repair appointment.

And the text for the search engines and accessibility technologies (errors theirs):

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Thank you for choosing Geek Squad for your computer protection plan. As today is the auto renewal date, you will be charged with amount $249.00 for the Geek Squad Protection Plan. It will be a direct debit form your Bank Checking account. The charges will reflect on your statement by the next 48 hours.


Customer Support- +1 844 231 8811

Account Type: – Personal Home Subscription
Product: – Geek Squad Protection Plan
Device : – Windows Computer (1 Users)
Quantity: – 1
Tenure: – 1 Years Payment
Mode: – Auto Debit
Renewal Amount – $ 249.00

Billed to:

Customer ID: 000965CSE4678HT7889HG787
Invoice Number: 876GFR5899JGFR577CRTGFER5
Renewal Date: Sep 30, 2022

However, if you want to call off the subscription you can reach us at our Helpline Number-

+1 844 231 8811

Thanks & Regards,

Team Geek Squad.