Blackmail variant – 2020-01-18

And for accessibility (without the character manipulation):

i am aware ******** one of your passphrases. Lets get directly to point. absolutely no one has paid me to investigate you. You don’t know me and you are most likely wondering why you’re getting this email?

i placed a malware on the xxx vids (porno) website and there’s more, you visited this site to have fun (you know what i mean). When you were viewing videos, your internet browser started out working as a Remote Desktop having a key logger which provided me with accessibility to your display and also web camera. Just after that, my software collected your complete contacts from your Messenger, social networks, and emailaccount. after that I created a double video. First part displays the video you were viewing (you have a fine taste lmao), and next part displays the recording of your web cam, and its you.

You get not one but two options. We will understand these options in aspects:

First alternative is to neglect this email. in this situation, i will send out your actual video clip to just about all of your contacts and thus visualize concerning the humiliation you experience. and definitely if you happen to be in a relationship, exactly how this will affect?

2nd alternative will be to pay me $1979. Let us refer to it as a donation. Subsequently, i most certainly will right away remove your videotape. You can go on your daily routine like this never happened and you will not hear back from me.

You will make the payment by Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search ‘how to buy bitcoin’ in Google search engine).

BTC address:

[QR code that translates to 15HjorJv19mpYKMP7Jjj59wPPPC882FAfF]

Scan the QR code with mobile to get the address.

if you may be making plans for going to the law, very well, this mail can not be traced back to me. i have dealt with my actions. i am just not attempting to charge a fee very much, i simply prefer to be paid. You now have two days in order to make the payment. i have a special pixel within this e-mail, and now i know that you have read this email. if i do not get the BitCoins, i will definitely send out your video to all of your contacts including close relatives, co-workers, and so on. Nevertheless, if i receive the payment, ill destroy the recording immediately. This is a non-negotiable offer therefore do not waste my time and yours by replying to this mail. if you really want proof, reply with Yup! & i will certainly send your video to your 10 friends.

So, yeah.