On Jeffrey Epstein

I’ll say this up front: I don’t believe Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

When Epstein’s death was announced, a lot of people presumed he had been. And they had a lot of reasonable factors leading to that conclusion.

  • He allegedly had “dirt” on some very high-profile people
  • He was a convicted, registered sex offender
  • The circumstances around his death are filled with a lot of gaps

And when I first learned of his death, I readily assumed he was killed in prison due to his sex offender status. A lot of people would’ve probably loved to have gotten their hands on him. Then the reports clarified that it appeared Epstein committed suicide.

There seems to be a massive failure of logic around all of this. I observed such on Facebook when I wrote this comment:

The one thing that kind of pisses me off about this whole ordeal is how everyone is saying there is no possible way Epstein committed suicide *because* he had dirt on high-profile individuals. It’s as if everyone has just cast basic logic to the wind…

That he had dirt on high-profile individuals says nothing about whether his death was suicide or homicide. But everyone is treating it as if suicide is impossible with this individual.

What actual evidence is there he was murdered to the exclusion of the conclusion he committed suicide? If one is being honest, right now there isn’t any. I’ve yet to see anything conclusive offered that excludes suicide.

Many point to the fractures in Epstein’s neck and the assertions that such fractures mean he was killed. Except as others have pointed out, that doesn’t exclude suicide. And the pathologist saying it is does was hired by Epstein’s attorneys to oversee the autopsy. That the pathologist also said he’d never seen neck fractures in any suicide by hanging doesn’t mean Epstein didn’t kill himself. It means only he’d never seen neck fractures in a suicide by hanging.

The medical examiner said it was suicide. But that isn’t the only reason to believe it to be suicide. His prior suicide attempt adds to this. The idea that Epstein didn’t look suicidal is also immaterial.

And the reason many say he couldn’t have killed himself I believe is also yet another reason he actually did: he was a marked man. Basically he was dead regardless. Whether he was killed in prison for being a sex offender, assassinated before he could spill whatever beans he allegedly had, or he committed suicide, he was likely not going to live much longer.

Then there’s also the fact he likely knew he was never again leaving prison this time except as a corpse. So hastening that was likely on his mind when he made his first suicide attempt.

This isn’t as unfathomable as many seem to believe. Suicide attempts and completed suicides among the prison population are also alarmingly common compared to the general population, also lending credence to his death being a suicide.

His death being convenient to those on whom he allegedly had dirt does not rule out suicide.

What rules out suicide and rules in homicide is evidence demonstrating that someone else killed Epstein. Not insinuation or assertion. And so far, all I’ve seen is just the assertion that he didn’t kill himself, that suicide is impossible because he allegedly had dirt on some high profile individuals.

To be sure, it absolutely is possible he was murdered. But without conclusive evidence, I believe it to be more likely he committed suicide.