Blackmail variant – 2019-09-20

Just got this one today. It came with the subject as the username for my primary e-mail address and an old password I know they harvested from a data dump. And it’s a similar play on character substitution that I’ve seen before.

A quick note: I added the link to the Bitcoin address. It was not in the original e-mail, which was just plaintext (with a lot of Unicode characters, as you’ll see). It just goes to and shows a summary of all transactions linked to that address. As of this posting, there are no transactions on that wallet.

Do you rālly thĺnk it wās some kind of joke or that you can ignore me?

I can see what yŏu āre dŏing.

Stop shopping and fucking around, your time is ālmŏst ovr. Yea, I know what you wr dŏing past couple of dāys. I have ben observing you.

Btw. nic car yoų hāv got there.. I wonder how ĺt will look with pics of yŏur dick and fāce…

Because yoų think you are smarter ānd can disregārd me, I am posting th vidos I recorded with yŏu masturbatĺng tŏ the pŏrn right now. I will upload the vidŏs I acqųired along wĺth some of your detaĺls to the online fŏrum. I amsur they will love to see you in āction, and yŏu will soon discŏver whāt is goĺng to hāppen to you.

If you do nŏt fund this bitcoĺn address with $1000 within next 2 days, I will contact yoųr rlātives and evrybody on your contact lĺsts and show them your rcordings.



0.1 bitcŏin (i. approx $1000)

to this Bitcoin āddress:


(Copy and paste ĺt)


Thre are many placs yŏu cān bųy bĺtcoin like Bĺtstamp, Coinbase, Krakenetc. Register, validat yŏųr account.

If you want to save yŏųrself – bttr act fast, becaus rĺght now you āre fucked. We wĺll not leave you alone, ānd there āre many peopl on th groups that will mak your lif feel really bad.