A prediction regarding language

With social justice warriors in the United States and much of the rest of the English-speaking world continually labeling words and phrases as being racist and what have you, a backlash is inevitable. As I feel we are not far from the tipping point, the social justice bubble bursting.

And that backlash, I predict, will come in a way that will just blindside everyone. What’ll likely end up happening is all the fed up non-SJWs will start bringing racial slurs and other terms-deemed-racist, sexist, etc., back into common parlance. And not just common parlance a la pre-1960s with those words used and intended as racial, sexist, etc., slurs. No, no.

I mean into such common usage they are used as readily as “apple” or “water”, “bottle” or “window”. Not intended as racial or sexist slurs, not used as racial or sexist slurs, but used merely because the general populace will have just gotten sick of continually being told what words and phrases to stop using because someone, typically someone in the leftist media, has decided, arbitrarily, such words and phrases are racist, etc.

And I can already see the response to such a backlash. It’s the same thing already being seen with the left labeling everyone who is:

  • white as racist
  • male as misogynistic
  • heteronormative as homophobic
  • cisgender as transphobic

and so on. “Wow, look at all this bigotry!” they already say, and likely would say if such a backlash happened. And they would be revealing themselves, much as they are now, for the brainwashed automatons they’ve become.