One question no one seems to ask about diversity

Article:Diversifying tech: Yes, white men can be part of the solution and not the problem

Ah another piece of virtue signalling.

In other words, white men are the problem but can be part of the solution. This bashing of whites has definitely reached a fever pitch, and is likely the reason Clinton lost. I mean when minorities are walking away and throwing their support behind Trump because they don’t want to be associated with all the white-bashing, a change of focus is in order. Instead they’ve been doubling down.

And in technology, the white bashing has been happening for quite a while. Allegations that there aren’t enough women or minorities in tech. And to anyone who says that, look at any reasonably successful technology company and you’ll find plenty of women and plenty of minorities. Indeed at my previous employer, white men I doubt held even the plurality.

But these discussions on diversity often overlook one very key question: what is the diversity in the labor pool for the role?

Everyone seems to be presuming the diversity of the labor pool for every role matches the diversity levels of the general population. And that the only reason diversity in certain roles is not at parity with the general population is racism or misogyny.

Until you have diversity in the labor pool for a particular role, you obviously cannot have diversity within these roles.

So what is the level of diversity in the labor pool for the various technology roles? Answer that question first before you start demanding diversity and declaring white men to be the problem.