A Disclaimer for the Constitution?

This is something that has recently been reported on Fox News, and saw a brief cameo on Glenn Beck’s show, and something of which I only just now learned. There is a publisher who is publishing pocket-sized copies of the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation with a disclaimer.

The publisher in question is Wilder Publications, and you can purchase a copy through Amazon.com (ISBN-10: 1-60459-268-0). If you visit the Amazon.com page for this item and click on the “Look inside” feature, all you have to do is scroll a couple pages to see the following disclaimer:

Everywhere this copy is being sold, it is receiving dire ratings and reviews from customers, and virtually all of the 1-star reviews cite this disclaimer as the reason. Needless to say there has been much uproar over this product, and it is much deserved.

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