Nowhere else to move

Back in December 2012, just after the Sandy Hook tragedy, the anti-gunners were hoping that the incident would turn gun laws in their direction, hoping that it would lead to numerous new restrictions on firearms. While they would win in many State legislatures – in States already having restrictive gun laws, so they wouldn’t exactly gain any new ground – they would  lose at the Federal level.

After the tragedy in Isla Vista, CA, gun owners are once again being blamed.

Here’s the irony: California already gives the anti-gunners, the “gun control lobby”, most everything they could want, and it still could not stop a lunatic with an inferiority complex. Elliot Rodger passed not just one, but two background checks. And this isn’t the NICS “instant” background check, but a background check conducted across a 10-day waiting period. He legally acquired two 9mm pistols. And under California law, those pistols also had to be registered with the State, and he had to pass a firearms safety course prior to purchasing his first pistol as well.

So why did this not work? Why did laws not stop him? Because like the other mass shooters before him, laws did not dissuade him. The bureaucratic hurdles lawmakers threw in front of him didn’t slow him down. He had his mind set on killing women. His manifesto detailed his plans. This was a man with an extreme inferiority complex combined with one hell of a sense of entitlement, who wanted to make the world suffer because the world wasn’t giving him what he felt he had coming.

He even made disturbing videos and posted them online, and his behavior was becoming increasingly worrisome, resulting in a visit by the police. Why did the police not move to seize his firearms? Was there nothing under California law allowing the police to obtain a seizure warrant through the Court? Was there nothing the State of California could’ve done that could’ve prevented this tragedy? At the least, was no one in law enforcement watching his YouTube account?

Instead people are once again blaming gun owners. And the reason is quite simple: the person on whom all blame should instead be laid put a bullet through his head.

This incident has the gun control lobby pretty much backed into a corner. The only legitimate move they have now is to call for outright bans on firearms. Nothing they could request will ever again be seen as “common sense”. Everything else they’ve called “common sense” and “necessary to prevent future tragedies” failed to stop such a tragedy.

So now anything less than a complete and total ban on firearms called for by any anti-gun group is pretty much a petty exercise, because Isla Vista shows it won’t be enough, that it won’t meet the ends they claimed it would meet.

In short, virtually all of gun control’s claims pretty much died with the Isla Vista killer and his six victims.