Blackmail variant – 2023-11-02.1


This email concerns your information security and account safety ([REDACTED])!
At this moment I have full access to ([REDACTED]), as well as your electronic devices that you use on a regular basis.

Let me explain how it all happened:
I work as a data analyst of databases in systems servicing (
Half a year ago we integrated Artificial Intelligence (neural network) to ensure a more comfortable segregation of clients into specific groups 
(based on preferences, website traffic statistics, password statistics, etc.).
As a result, the segregation of clients into clusters was done easily. You fell under the category of clients who enjoy masturbating to hardcore porn.
(to be honest, AI pays a lot of attention to this particular group, since it accords with targets of many marketing agencies).

I gave it a thought and decided to use it for my benefit.
Since I am servicing, I have full access to your account.
With the help of our cookie files, I managed to install special software to the devices with your authorization. 
That software can control the camera and microphone, as well as manage and process any type of data.
This software includes special signatures, which appear as official software whenever detected by antivirus.

I created software with the help of a neural network that can detect every attempt of yours to start masturbating to hardcore porn.
Every time you masturbated, the camera and microphone were activated and were recording masturbation video of you 
(besides that, the porn video which you masturbate to, was displayed in the corner.) and sending it to my server.

Basically, modern technologies have progressed to an extent whereby I can use the power of thought and distribute this video to all people who know and love you.
There is nothing to worry about. I faced a similar issue before too. 
Previously, my handphone got a virus, which allowed to record me masturbating to a porn video with shemales. =)))

I had to pay a big amount to those hackers to avoid that video going public. 
Otherwise, I would have to find a valid explanation for my friends. They would not support that hobby of mine for sure...
Well, now I am the one doing similar hacking.

That's why I would like to make a business proposal to you:
You shall pay me $1350 USD. Afterward, I will delete from all my servers the videos with you masturbating, and we pretend like it never happened before.
Otherwise, I will share this video with your entire contact list, which I saved previously.

Beware, I can share this file via email as a hyperlink, attach it as a video file, upload it to social media, 
or even distribute it to mass media (I have access to a few hacked Utube accounts).

To avoid that, you need to send $1350 USD in Bitcoin equivalent to my BTC wallet: 1GmtfRMFdctbJmhNZMgNNEeB7x1L8oKido

It is a very simple task to do, and you can easily find any online cryptocurrency exchange to perform the transaction.
I will delete your video right after I receive the money. Furthermore, I will delete the spyware from your device, and you will never hear about me in the future.
Let's agree on the deadlines: 2 days (precisely 48 hours) is more than enough.
Right after you open this email, I will receive the notification and the countdown will start.

Last, but not least:
Don't even try to report me to the police. They won't be able to find me because I use TOR, and Bitcoin transactions cannot be traced.
There is no point in addressing either because I deleted all the records of database entries and neural network requests
š(those requests were made from the accounts of other staff that I managed to get access to).
Don't worry, I won't continue blackmailing you. There is no point in that because there are many other unfortunate people like you. 
 Besides that, if I wanted, I would do that a long time ago without telling you!
If you make any wrong moves, I will share your videos without hesitation. 
Remember, you are not the only one who's unfortunate. Others will learn from your mistakes!
Best of luck!