Blackmail variant – 2023-09-21

It isn’t often that we see a genuinely new variant rather than just a slight modification on something previously seen. Still the same hallmarks, though, so still the same scam.

I have very bad news for you. Unfortunately, your private data was compromised.

Your password was compromised through a legitimate website, and that led to events that I will explain to you now.
Using your password, our team gained access to your email. We analyzed all data and after going through found a vector for an attack.
That attack was a success. The result was that your machine was infected with a virus/backdoor. Our team uses individual approach to every victim, our success rate is very high.

We have gained access to the data, but the most interesting part that we are able to control your webcam and microphone.

And you are correct. We have a nice archive with exploding video content.
It's all good, but we are here to make money. So if you don't want those videos to be leaked, please follow the instructions.

You pay $750 USD, and there will be nothing to worry about. No chats, no photos, nothing. Every single file will be deleted and virus removed from your machine

Use Bitcoin to make the transfer. Wallet address is 1J7RYCYp8D7zYoAAR4HQDXujaRU6D9tDbf , it's unique and we will know that you made the payment immediately.
You have 2 days to make the transfer, that's reasonable.
Take care.