Blackmail variant – 2023-08-30

This one’s a pretty substantial change to previous variants. But has many of the same hallmarks of previous scam emails.


Would like to introduce myself - I am a specialized hacker, and have succeeded in hacking your operating system.
At this moment, I have obtained a complete access to account of yours.
On top of that, I was also unnoticeably observing all your activities and spying on you for few past months.
It was possible because your computer was infected with malicious spyware, 
which infiltrated your computer while you were visiting a website containing adult videos.

Give me a few minutes to clarify how that affects you. 
Because of Trojan viruses, I am now able to have an unrestricted access to your computer as well as any other devices owned by you.
In other words, I can see without any restrictions everything in your screen and even activate the camera together with microphone anytime I want, 
and you won't even know about that.
Moreover, I have complete access to confidential data of yours including emails, chat history etc.

You may be rightfully puzzled how come your antivirus is not able to detect the harmful software of mine.
I don't mind explaining that at all: my malicious software is driver-based; hence it refreshes its signatures every 4 hours,
which makes it impossible for your antivirus to identify it.

I have come up with a video exposing the scenes of your passionate masturbation sessions on the left side, 
whereas on the right side it shows the dirty videos you were watching during that time. `.`

Trust me, it takes several mouse clicks to distribute this video to your entire email addresses list as well as messenger contacts on your PC or other devices.
Additionally, I can easily share all your emails as well as chat history to public too.

I honestly think you would certainly like to abstain from letting that happen.
There is a solution for you in this case - perform 750 USD transfer in Bitcoin equivalent to Bitcoin account of mine 
(it is really not difficult to do, and you can find online the step-by-step guide, if you have no idea about it).

My bitcoin account details are below as follows (Bitcoin wallet): 15wQk4AHFCtWGyAzjsG9c947prqdeR2tGb

Once the aforementioned amount gets transferred to my account, I will straight away erase all those kinky videos and vanish from your life completely.
Please, settle this payment within 50 hours (2 days).
A notification will be sent to me right after this email gets opened, which will trigger the countdown.

Believe me, I am very cautious, professional and never fail.
If I get to know about you sharing this message with anyone else, I will right away distribute your private videos to public.

Best of luck!