Blackmail variant – 2023-06-09

This one goes a little further than previous variants, but still bears the same hallmarks. And it’s also still just fluff. Don’t fall for it.

***The driver installation was successful***

The system has been added to the tracking list.

Your device has been successfully attacked by our bot-virus, which, once on the device, spreads to all layers of the device.
These are drivers, cameras, microphone, operating system services.

Your entire device is under our control. We can delete any data on it, write anything on it.

We copied all the data from your device to our server clusters recording dialogs, video from the web camera, from the main camera of the device, as well as everything that happened on the screen.
There is some very interesting nude video.
All your movements with the phone were recorded by GPS data during the entire time.

You have 48 hours to transfer 1400$ US dollars to our Bitcoin wallet 1KrztAabSkWQbkgB5cF5EgdrK3ySJ6zgA

If no money is received after that time, all the data will be on the Internet.
Your social networking friends and phone contacts will especially like it.

As soon as the funds are credited to our account, your data will be deleted from our servers and the virus will be automatically deleted from your device and won't bother you anymore.

Don't forget that your device is completely under our control and don't try anything foolish things.
If any action is suspected of finding a virus, contacting law enforcement, all your friends will be familiar with the fine selection of materials involving you.

***The timer was automatically run after you've opened this email.