Geek Squad – 2022-11-28

This one came through with the subject “Verify and confirm your order @436753464758-DZXCDRTWETWET#!” from “nad iosa” (

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Order Date: 11-28-2022
Security Type: Antivirus
Payment Method: Plastic Card
Charge: $417.00

Dear Customer,

Your subscription with GEEK SQUAD will renew today and $417.00 is about to be debited from your account by today. The debited amount will be reflected within the next 24hrs. In case of any further clarifications or block the auto-renewal service please reach out to our, Customer Help Center +1 (888) 616-4196

> Product Name:-Security Services
> Product Amount:-$417.00
> Product Code:-347658568
> Order ID:-GE21254664EK

If you didn’t authorize this charge, you have 24 Hrs. To cancel & get an instant refund of your annual subscription, please Contact our customer care: +1 (888) 616-4196

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored, and you will not receive a response.

Thanks And Regards,
Best Buy,
Customer Support: +1 (888) 616-4196