Geek Squad – 2022-11-23

‘Tis the season for scams, I guess. This came in with the subject “Account creation needs validation #768680#”. The area code for the phone number, 808, is Hawaii.

And for accessibility technologies:

Dear customer,

We are glad to serve you as our registered customer.

We have the premium security services ready for installation.

As per our connect with you. Your plan will be auto renewed with in 24hrs and it will charge you $419.00

> Order ID:- 384687101929
> Renewal Amount:- $419.00
> Product Code:- SAD345F4GR7
> Project Name:- Security Services

Contact Our Customer Support +1 (808) 493-1799


Customer Support Team: +1 (808) 493-1799

Thanks for choosing Geek squad.

* * * * *

So basically the way this appears to work is they want you to call in to either dispute the charge or have the “Security Services” installed. Either way, they gain access to your system or device, manage to talk you through doing some things that allow them access to your bank account, and that’s how they get your money.