Fuck the rules, because we’re Americans!

Recently it was reported that the International Olympic Committee is requiring the goalie for the US Women’s Hockey team to remove an inscription of the Constitution from her mask. Now the IOC rules are clear about what can and cannot be on a team’s uniform:

“It is our understanding that this is not an issue about the patriotic nature of the image depicting the U.S Constitution,” Koch said. “The adjustment was necessary because the image did not meet IOC guidelines. It contained wording, which is not allowed on uniforms for any sports at the Olympic games.”

Vetter’s alterations — she was also required to remove a depiction of the Olympic rings and a Wisconsin Badgers logo, a nod to the University of Wisconsin, her alma mater — are not without precedent.

Four years ago, U.S. goalies Ryan Miller and Jonathan Quick had to change their masks. Miller had to remove the phrase “Miller Time,” and Quick had to drop the words “Support our troops.”

Again, this is about a uniform not meeting the long-standing rules regarding team uniforms during the Olympics. But for some reason, there are people who just cannot accept that as the reality and, basically, want the rules bent for this goalie simply because she’s an American. On Fox News Insider, these were some of the comments left using the Facebook plugin:


Yes because the IOC is out to destroy the American way of life and all that is American.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is the word “International” in the name of the International Olympic Committee. This means the rules they make must be observed by all nations participating in the Olympics. No exceptions.

That and some Americans just cannot get it through their minds that we are not the greatest country in the world and do not deserve to have everyone bend to what we want simply because we’re the United States. Grow up, people!