Blackmail variant – 2021-12-25 – Merry Christmas, I suppose?

Yes, I received this on Christmas Day from “Heather”. Imagine that!


Hopefully you actually do not mind my language sentence structure, since i am from Indonesia. I contaminated your device with a virus and im in possession of all your private data from your computer system. 

It was established on a mature page and after that you've selected the online video and  it, my program immediately got into your os. 

After that, your camera documented you fapping, besides i documented a video that you have viewed. 

After some time in addition, it picked up your social contact info. If you ever wish me to wipe out your all that i currently have - send me 700 euros in bitcoin it is a cryptocurrency. 

This is my btc wallet number - 


At this moment you have 21 hrs. to make a decision The minute i will get the deal i'm going wipe out this footage and everything thoroughly. Otherwise, please be certain that this video would be sent to all of your buddies.

Do Not Reply to This Email

Same hallmarks as all the previous ones, but at least it’s a LOT shorter than all the previous ones, too. So whomever originally wrote this template deserves a commendation for that, at least.