Getting them young

Let’s ask an honest question: does a typical 4 year-old understand what a pledge means? Does a 4 year-old understand allegiance, indivisibility, liberty and justice? I’m pretty sure no 4 year-old understands the concept of a republic, let alone the other concepts just mentioned.

So why are preschools teaching 4 year-olds the pledge of allegiance?

When a 4 year-old recites the pledge of allegiance, are they merely reciting words or do they actually understand the words they are saying? I highly, highly doubt it’s the latter. And if you were to ask a 4 year-old why they are reciting the pledge, they’d likely respond with whatever their teacher told them to say.

Good God, the indoctrination runs deep in this country. Do we no longer have any freedom of thought? Seriously, is no one allowed to think on their own?

And yet parents feel pride in the recited indoctrination of their children. Seeing a video tonight of one such 4 year-old reciting the pledge, I could only feel lividity and disgust.

What have we become?