Exercising a right

What does it take to legally carry a concealed weapon, even in Missouri, one of the most gun-friendly States in the US? Here’s what it takes:

Glock 19 Gen4:

  • $650 purchase price (purchased brand new)
  • $35 FFL transfer fee (it was purchased online from an out-of-state retailer)
  • ATF 4473 form
  • NICS background check

Ammunition: $45 + shipping for 50 rounds (124gr Speer Gold Dot)

Holsters: Several hundred dollars trying out different types till I find one that works well

Missouri CCW endorsement (good for 3 years):

  • $125 for all-day lecture plus marksmanship test
  • $30 for box of 100 rounds of ammunition for marksmanship test
  • $100 application fee
  • Fingerprinted by county sheriff
  • Up to 45 day statutory waiting period for more extensive background check
  • $6 fee with Missouri Department of Revenue for new identification


Legal ability to protect myself, my loved ones and others most anywhere I typically go: Priceless

It costs several thousand dollars, from the purchase of the firearm to the issuing of the permit. There’s all the range time for marksmanship practice and the ammo needed for that. If I decide to change which firearm I carry (which I’ve already done since acquiring my permit as the Glock 19 was not the first weapon I carried), then it’s additional expense, another ATF 4473 form and another NICS background check.

I’ve had several background checks. My fingerprints and information are permanently on file with Missouri and Federal law enforcement agencies.

If you think someone who goes through all of this to obtain a concealed weapons permit is a danger to society, you are deluded beyond all help.

And yet to many, this still is not enough.