Assault Weapons Ban of 2013: Contacting Senator McCaskill

Madam Senator McCaskill,

As you are likely aware, Senator Feinstein’s bill, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, has been recommended to the full Senate for a floor vote. Can I count on you to be a “No” vote on that bill?

Please bear in mind that the current market for firearms and ammunition shows clearly and without any doubt that the People of the United States, and most certainly your constituents in this great State of Missouri do not want this bill to pass, and do not want any additional gun control measures enacted. Please take their voices into account before voting on the Assault Weapons Ban.

Your vote is supposed to represent the constituency of Missouri at large. It is clear that Missouri does not want this, as can also be seen by the representation in Jefferson City in the Missouri legislature. Take that into account before voting on that bill and any other gun control measures. Please faithfully represent Missouri by voting No on Feinstein’s bill and any other gun control measures that come up for a vote in the Senate.

So I ask you again, can I count on you to be a vote of “No” on Feinstein’s bill and other gun control measures?

Thank you,
Kenneth Ballard
Kansas City, Missouri