Contributed content

There are two things about this site I’d hope were obvious to anyone who’s actually looked at it: 1. It’s a personal blog that 2. is pretty heavy with political and opinion content. Which means that I can readily tell in most situations that someone sending me a solicitation has not actually looked at my site, despite always claiming to have done so.

So being that this is, again, a personal blog where yours truly posts opinions (and personal projects), it should be quite obvious that soliciting me to actually write for this suite is fruitless. But I guess something being obvious isn’t always obvious enough. Such as with Rebecca Schmidt: (site link not in original e-mail)

Hello Kenneth,

My name is Rebecca and I’m writing because I’d like to contribute something to your site.

I currently write for Her Aspiration, where we put out information to help and give people relationship advice and dating advice.

Based on what I’ve seen of your site, I think it could be valuable to your readers. It would also give you a boost to your audience, since I’m certain my followers would come to your site and start a conversation there. This could work out for both of us and lead to exciting opportunities down the road. I would like to check if you do link placements into existing articles as well? As I am open to get more articles and link placements with you as we go along.

If this sounds appealing to you, I’d love to have a conversation about how we could make it work. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

“Based on what I’ve seen of your site”? Probably none of it.

Especially since, I’ve already explicitly said I won’t post content contributed from others since it would go against the title and modus operandi of this site, not to mention the domain name. So now I’ll make it explicit again: I will never post content to this site contributed by someone else.