Gun control without legislation

In a video I saw on YouTube(here, with a follow-up here), it was argued that we would end up bringing gun control on ourselves. This video was made in the wake of Alex Jones going on Piers Morgan’s show and basically acting like a raving lunatic — or in other words, acting normal. The person in the videos (linked above) was talking about how we could be persuading people away from the pro-gun side of things with how arguments are presented.

He who controls the language controls the masses.

— Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

And politicians are pretty adept at using language to their advantage, to control the political arguments and bring about the kind of suppression, repression and oppression they seek to impose.

Current demand for firearms and ammunition is like gun control in a lot of ways. Here in Kansas City, it is impossible to find certain kinds of ammunition. Shotgun and rifle ammunition is still plentiful, but target handgun ammunition and .22LR rimfire ammunition is virtually non-existent unless you get lucky and arrive at the stores at just the right time.

Online is where you’ve really got to have some luck, or a lot of cash, to find ammunition. Bass Pro and Cabela’s, the two largest sporting outlets here in the Kansas City Metro, hardly list ammunition on their website anymore, despite my ability to order ammunition from both within the last month, and virtually every other online retailer is either backordered or not taking orders for almost any kind of ammunition.

So if you buy a gun but cannot find ammunition for it, then all you’ve bought is a several hundred dollar paperweight. Again, gun control without any legislation.

The country is in a huge political panic. And the shortages of ammunition and runs on all the stores for ammunition and guns are an implicit form of gun control. Thankfully the larger retailers are not jacking the prices on ammunition, or if they are it isn’t by a noticeable amount. Firearms prices haven’t changed much either. But due to the heavy demand, all of this could end up changing.

And here is where a lot of the hypocrisy from the left will also start to shine through.

They say that price gouging in the midst of a crisis is wrong and call for hardcore prosecution of any business that does that. Yet would they say the same in the midst of what is going on with regard to firearms and ammunition? Likely not. Instead they’ll probably cheer it on, as the more expensive the ammunition becomes, the less anyone will be able to purchase. The more expensive firearms become, the fewer that will be bought.

If you believe price gouging is bad, then you should believe it is always bad regardless of what is being gouged. Believing anything less is hypocrisy.

By keeping gun owners in a panic, gun control can come about without any legislation being passed, because we will impose gun control on ourselves just by buying up every last round we can at the gun store and buying up ever last gun we can.

Now there is no doubt that the powers that be also intend to write and pass whatever legislation they can, getting whatever additional restrictions they can, so some of this panic is certainly legitimate. One would think that our legislators would take the current panic and enormous demand with regard to firearms and ammunition as an implied vote by the people against additional gun control — a referendum without a formal vote.

But they won’t do that.

Which is why it is important to keep in touch with your legislators in the House of Representatives and the Senate. They seem to think they can do whatever they feel is best and ignore the voters — at least until the next election when they’ll be pandering for every last vote they can get. We need to keep them abreast of how wrong such a notion is.

The President is going to make gun control one of the key issues of his second term — meaning the timing of the Sandy Hook shooting could not have been more perfect, even though that timing is mere coincidence. And the President needs Congress to make it happen. So we just need to keep telling Congress to not cooperate with the President.