Message to Representative Serrano [D-NY(15)]

In my previous article I said that I might contact Representative Serrano regarding his recent resolution calling for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. I decided to actually contact him. And in keeping with my practice of publicly posting messages I send to members of the House and Senate, I will reproduce my message here.

If I receive a response, I will also reproduce it publicly on my blog.

* * * * *

Mr Representative Serrano,

It is being widely reported that you have introduced a resolution to amend the Constitution and repeal the 22nd Amendment. I know that you have been doing this at the start of every Congress since 1997, yet I don’t believe you’ve ever released a public statement as to why you’ve done this. I also know you’re not the first to attempt this.

If you have released such a statement explaining this move, please point me to where I can find it. If you have never made such a statement with regard to why you’d like to see the 22nd Amendment repealed, I would like you to make such a statement.