Want to carry concealed? Train first!

My wife and I have been going to a nearby gun range for a little over two years now. We have an annual membership there. So both of us have had a lot of experience with our firearms, and in the marksmanship evaluation in my concealed carry course, I was able to demonstrate just how proficient I had become.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading over the years, and I’ve watched a ton of videos on YouTube regarding firearms and concealed carry. I didn’t want to be going into my concealed carry course blind. I was already pretty knowledgeable about things, what the case law recognizes as self defense and does not, and other things. But beyond that, as I already said, I’ve also become proficient with my firearm.

Now the marksmanship evaluation for the concealed carry course, at least here in Missouri, is easy enough for virtually anyone to pass: on a standard B27 target, you just need to hit the silhouette 15 out of 20 shots. And you are to be tested with both a revolver and a semi-automatic. Now the instructors where I took my class have more steep marksmanship requirements: those 15 shots need to score 8 or better. Even then, unless you’ve got terrible control, you’re going to pass. And everyone in my class did pass. I think they said that of over 7,000 students they’ve had since first offering their class, only 4 have failed to pass.

Being relatively easy to pass doesn’t mean everyone should take it. After all, we are talking about firearms here.

What concerned me during my course was overhearing the conversations they were having. Many of those in my class did not seem proficient with their firearms, and some seemed to be brand new to guns. One guy even said that he’d never been to a range before the class. Another said he hadn’t touched a gun in decades. What?!?

If you are considering going for a concealed carry permit, please get trained on your firearm first. My wife and I took our firearms to the range about once a month to every other month for the last two years. Exercising your privilege to carry doesn’t do you any good if you cannot shoot well.

Before you sign up to take a class for a concealed carry permit, or whatever you need to do in your State, become proficient on your firearm of choice first. It’ll be better in the end for all of us if you do this.

Owning firearms is one hell of a responsibility unto itself. Carrying concealed is an even bigger one. If you have a concealed carry permit but are not proficient on your firearm, you’re more of a danger to society than a benefit. Please be a benefit to society by getting trained before qualifying for the permit.