Serving up Angus well done

I’ll say up front that I’ve never seen much of the show Two and a Half Men, nor do I ever intend to familiarize myself with the series. I know all I need by the simple fact that Charlie Sheen was the show’s star until his fall-out last year, into which Ashton Kutcher stepped in to take his place.

Now Ashton Kutcher is cleaner than Charlie Sheen, but he’s no glistening ray of sunshine. For one he’s married to a woman 16 years his senior, though she’s filed for divorce, and has had some television and movie credits that cross the morality boundary as well. And I don’t think I really need to discuss Charlie Sheen. Given how often he’s been in the news (and in and out of jail), I think even mentioning his name is quite enough.

And given all of this, and the long history of the entire show, Angus Jones is only just now having a crisis of morality with the show? Something’s got to be up.

Well something definitely is up. You see, Angus found God, and his new-found religion has given him a new set of glasses through which to observe the world. That’s great that he’s "found " God, or at least he’s been baptized and is now studying Christianity and the Bible. But there’s something I have to wonder.

The Be A Star Alliance is a coalition of teachers, students and parents taking a stand against bullying in schools, including bullying on account of sexual orientation. Angus has supported this organization. Yet Christians have been against legislation and other government actions that attempt to penalize bullying gays in schools, of which evidence includes the neutering of such legislation in Michigan last year.

I really hope that Angus Jones does not go back on his support for Be A Star in the least, that he will continue to support them and stand against bullying of gay students, and that he does not become an anti-gay Christian. I hope he will not now go against that for which he has previously fought.