Combating glare in the daylight

Quick product review here. I have a dashcam in my SUV. And glare is one of the major issues trying to use it, since my dashboard reflects onto the windshield when it’s bright outside.

So to take care of that problem, I ordered a DashMat after seeing it recommended on a couple forums. I don’t have it completely properly installed, but it is still making one hell of a difference otherwise.

As you can tell in the lower image, the dashboard is not reflecting to nearly the same degree in the windshield. This isn’t great for just the dashcam, as it means being able to see through the windshield better without the glare.

When it’s clean, that is.

You can order a DashMat here. The price will vary based on the make/model of your vehicle. And the dashcam I use is the Yi Smart Dash Camera 2.7″ (silver).