Don’t show me yours, I won’t show you mine

On April 14, 2018, I was driving south on I-35 through Olathe, KS, on the first leg of a road trip out to Las Vegas. That vacation didn’t quite go as planned – details on that later, based on if or how the situation is resolved. But on the drive out, freeway traffic was being its usual pain in the ass.

By that I mean you have a mix of some going a little above the limit, some going lower than the limit, some going lower than the limit who find it perfectly okay to pull in front of those going faster than the limit to get around those going only a little slower than they are… And unbeknownst at the moment, they were all trying to stay behind a Kansas Highway Patrol officer who was going 70 MPH.

The speed limit through the area was 65 MPH. I was trying to go 80 MPH.

Wanting to get around all of that, I tried to speed around the traffic, seeing the officer as I went along, eyeing the clearing ahead of the traffic. That’s when the officer pulled behind me and sped to match my speed. And promptly lit me up.

Now I’ve discussed before (here, here, and here) how to handle yourself when you’re pulled over and you are carrying concealed. The Philando Castille shooting shed one hell of a spotlight for CCWs everywhere about how to conduct yourself, including prompting the State of Arizona to include it in their official publications.

So after the initial statements about why I was being pulled over, I mentioned why I was speeding around him and everyone else, and he asked for my driver’s license. I had my hands in plain sight the entire time, as did my wife.

I replied by saying, “First I need to inform you that I do have a weapon.” This is not required under Kansas law, but I’ve said and will always say to volunteer that information up front anyway.

He said simply “Okay”. “How do you want to continue?” I asked in return. He asked if I had a concealed carry permit – not required in Kansas, but having it shows you’re serious about concealed carry – and I said I do.

“I’ll tell you what, you don’t show me yours, and I won’t show you mine.”

My wife and I had a good chuckle about that for the first few miles after the stop. And my wife posted about it to Facebook as well.

While I went for my license, he asked what I carry, which is a Glock 19, Gen 4. Didn’t mention ammo, but for those curious, I currently carry Federal Personal Defense HST 9mm 124gr. But the officer promptly showed approval of my pistol choice – wouldn’t expect anything less, given the Glock 19’s high popularity among officers for off-duty carry. I also have a Glock 23, Gen 4, but don’t carry it currently.

And if you carry a 1911, you’re not going to have this officer’s seal of approval on that one.