The strange case of Dana Loesch and Genevieve Curran

Which is, rather, a strange case of mistaken identity.

For at least the last week on Twitter, many have been pushing around pictures of Genevieve Curran as if they’re pictures of Dana Loesch. And the pictures are provocative, and intended to make Loesch look like a conservative hypocrite – standing up for “traditional values” while posing scantily clad.

Though the language going with some of the Twitter posts has certainly been… of the variety that it’d likely violate my web host’s terms of service should I reproduce it here.

The picture being most passed around is from Curran’s 2013 photo shoot for Australia’s ZOO WEEKLY magazine:

So not only are leftists trying to “slut shame” a woman, they’re going about it in a completely bass-ackwards way, by misappropriating the pictures of an Australian model and acting like they’re pictures of Loesch.

Dana’s husband, Chris Loesch, and one other person have managed to reach out to Genevieve through her Instagram (since deleted, unfortunately). No word yet on what kind of response Miss Curran will have with regard to this. Regardless of her point of view on firearms and the NRA, it’s definitely clear – and certainly expected – that she does not like her picture being misappropriated in the fashion it has been.

Welcome to the Internet, I guess…

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Thanks for the mention, Chris: