False Hope and No Change… from either Democrats or Republicans

Aren’t campaigns for President fun to watch? You see a bunch of people who have aligned themselves behind a particular moniker that is supposed to describe how they feel about everything ("Republicans hate women" and "Democrats hate the unborn" and so on…) duking it out to become the next man or woman in the White House.

Because they all think the President actually controls the country… How ignorant can you get?

One thing that should be clear to everyone is simply this: elections don’t change squat. If you think electing Romney will set this country on a better path, let the shenanigans of the RNC convention shatter that hope. If you think that somehow we will have a balanced budget because of Romney, bear in mind that the United States has not had a "balanced budget" since Andrew Jackson. We never even had a balanced budget under Clinton as the deficit was hidden behind borrowing from the Social Security Administration instead of through publicly-offered government bonds, but there was still a deficit.

Go to the US Treasury’s page on the public debt and you’ll see a category called "Intra-governmental holdings". The number reflected there (which is over $4.776 Trillion as of 8/30/2012) is money that the Treasury is borrowing from the Social Security Administration along with probably also Medicare and other agencies whose budgets are not funded by general taxation. Imagine if that money was never borrowed by the Treasury. Now Social Security would still be unsustainable long-term, but it’d be a lot easier to fund those programs in preparation for the coming retirement exodus of the "baby boomers" without having to borrow even more.

Now given the size of the real estate bubble that burst in 2008 and the financial and credit vacuum that resulted from this, is it really any surprise that the country and economy are not improving, or improving very quickly? Given how heavily involved in commerce and the economy our government has become, is it any surprise that things have stagnated and not improved much? It shouldn’t be.

Yet in 2008, then-Senator Obama promised "hope" and "change". And when you are otherwise ignorant of how things actually work in this country, you can fall prey to those kinds of ideas. I did. I didn’t vote for Obama, though, but I was deeply indoctrinated into the cult of the State.

And now people falsely believe that Obama either needs more time or that Romney is the man to improve the economy. Not so. The only way the economy is going to improve is if we stop looking toward Washington and our respective State capitals for change or relief and we start creating the necessary economic change ourselves. But then there’s one giant problem looming over us that could keep all of that from happening: the Federal Reserve.

The vast majority do not know where all of the money currently in circulation originates. Without knowing this and without knowing the kind of role such money creation and origination plays in our economy and everyday commerce, how can anything improve? It can’t.

Our monetary system is designed such that all money is created out of debt. It is operated by international interests in such a way as to keep us perpetually in debt. They control the strings of our economy through inflation and loans. And to change this is to upset and unseat some very powerful people and organizations. This is not something that can be done easily. It cannot happen overnight, nor can it happen in a few years. We are talking about an economy whose medium of exchange is based on debt and expanded through inflation and loans and in which bubbles, insolvencies, foreclosures and defaults are guaranteed.

To this there is no easy answer. To this problem there is no easy solution. Any solution and answer requires a tremendous amount of pain to be borne by everyone in the economy, and it will affect the poorest much harder than the richest. But on the other side of the horizon would be a much more stable economy instead of one built on pure fraud.

Only when you truly understand the nature of the problem can you begin to offer real solutions instead of false hope.