Yet another “there’s nothing wrong with this” dress code violation

Take it way, Annie:

Now, any guesses as to what’s wrong with this? If you said “Nothing”, you need to look closer.

She’s wearing high-waist jeans with a cropped t-shirt. A shirt that’ll not only get you coded at school if you’re caught, but dismissed from work if you tried wearing this to a job. Again, just because you think it “looks just fine” doesn’t mean it complies with a dress code. And in Annie’s case, it’s specifically disallowed by her school district (emphasis mine):

  1. The following items are not permitted:
    1. clothing or accessories with reference to alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco
    2. clothing or accessories with suggestive, profane or lewd symbols, slogans and/or pictures gang or other groups without permission of the administration.
    3. hoods, hats, caps, bandanas or other form of head covering
    4. Halters, midriff tops, crop tops, spaghetti strap tops, open mesh garments, garments with open sides which expose skin or undergarments, and muscle tops (oversized armholes).

Seriously this is really starting to get old. Do teens today not pay attention to the dress code for their school, since it is their responsibility to know it and comply with it? Do they not understand that they will have dress code rules they’ll have to obey when on the job?

Or do they instead expect that if they scream “sexism” loud enough, they’ll be able to get away with whatever they want? Since that seems to be the direction we’re heading.