Punishing the innocent

Had I had any inkling of what would’ve occurred later in the week, I would not have posted my previous article. That isn’t the first time I’ve had interesting timing on posting articles, and thankfully it is the only time where that timing coincided with people losing their lives.

And predictably in the aftermath, there are calls for more gun control. Because if existing laws didn’t stop the mass shooting in Colorado, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and the like, then we must need more laws to prevent future mass shootings, right?

Words on a piece of paper, whether called a law or not, will not stop those intent on causing harm.

Posting a sign saying “no guns allowed” will only cause intended criminals to think “This place is an easy mark”. Indeed there have been businesses that have established themselves as “gun-free zones” that have been robbed out of business. Pass a law that restricts gun ownership, and intended criminals will bypass those laws and get ahold of the guns – just like they currently do already. More laws will not phase those already ignoring the existing ones. Instead more gun control laws only makes more marks and targets for criminals.

Further, enacting additional gun laws in response to what happened in Colorado will only be punishing the innocent gun owners for the crimes of one fanatic. How is that fair?

Most gun owners are responsible, even those that own AR-15s, AK-47s and the like. They keep their guns properly secured and only brandish them when absolutely necessary or when at a range. Most cannot fathom the idea of taking even one life, even if that life is taken in self defense. I certainly cannot imagine doing that, but if it means protecting my wife and those I love, then I’m willing to do that.

And yet it seems that when one person uses a gun to take a life in malice, *every other* gun owner must be made to pay for that singular person’s crimes with added regulations, laws and restrictions, and that is unfair to the highest degree.
In no other aspect will you find something like this. When have you been carded or submitted to a background check to buy butcher knives or matches? When have you been carded or submitted to a background check to buy lighter fluid, gasoline, rope, baseball bats and the like? Never.

And yet, along those lines, as some people have taken pseudoephedrine and used it to create methamphetamines, we have all been punished by having to submit identification to purchase any product with pseudoephedrine from behind the pharmacy counter. Laws punish the innocent and empower the criminals.

Holmes worked within the existing laws to get what he needed, and the next person will do the same, even if those laws are more restrictive, and yes, there will be a next time. Laws have not stopped mass shootings and laws will not stop mass shootings. It is folly to think otherwise.

Plus you do not have a right to police protection. When seconds count, the cops are minutes away, so how will you defend yourself if the time comes?