Letter to Senators Moran and Roberts

Mr Senator,

As you’re aware, Madam Senator Feinstein recently introduced S.1916 with the intent to ban the “bump stock” the Las Vegas shooter used in the commission of his crimes. The text of the bill only recently became available on Congress.gov, so I was only recently able to review the language. After reading the bill, I urge you to not support it. To vote NO on it should it come to a vote.

The bill mentions the bump stock, calling it a “bump-fire device”, but doesn’t stop there. It seeks to ban any “any part, combination of parts, component, device, attachment, or accessory” that increases the rate of fire for a rifle. Mr Senator, this seeks to make it such rifle owners cannot swap out parts on a semi-automatic rifle. As any parts swaps, whether as part of maintenance or as an upgrade, that increase the rate of fire for the rifle, whether intentional or not, will be a Federal felony under this bill.

If Madam Senator Feinstein’s bill sought to only ban the bump stock, the language would be so limited. Her bill instead seeks to chip away at ownership of semi-automatic rifles. I know she wants to see them banned via her “assault weapons ban”, so I think she’s trying to see what she can get instead, how closely she can encroach.

Again, I urge you to vote NO on S.1916 and to not support this bill.

Thank you.