And again, not understanding how dress codes work

A high school student named Bree was recently cited for a dress code violation, despite wearing what she considered to be an “okay” shirt:

The issue with this shirt is plain as day, because what’s under the shirt is plain as day. The shirt’s fabric settles in such a way the outline of her bra is discernible. In concealed carry vernacular, this is called “printing”.

And with dress codes, undergarments are typically not to be visible or discernible. At all. This means if you wear a shirt translucent enough to see what’s underneath, you’ll get cited for it. And this goes to men and women, since some men’s shirts can be translucent enough to see a t-shirt or tank top underneath. And if the fabric is such that, when it settles, the outline of your undergarments is discernible, that can also get you cited.

Again, what you think looks fine may still violate the dress code. Whether at school or, more importantly, at work.