This isn’t about feminism

This question seems to be unanswered and answered at the same time: who was the Manchester bomber targeting?

If you read the Rolling Stone, Emily Crockett seems to think the ultimate target was feminism, as she attempts to lay out in her article “Why the Manchester Bomber Targeted Girls“. Amazing how someone can take this incident and make it all about them or their pet ideology.

Here’s the thing about terrorism: it largely doesn’t care who you are. So was the bomber targeting girls specifically, or did he target a venue that would reliably have a large number of people in close proximity, thereby allowing for a large body count?

Personally I think it’s the latter. Which is likely why venues all across the world are now going to be stepping up security. Here in Kansas City, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will be coming through in September at the Sprint Center. It’s probably going to be maddening getting through there now, because there will be a heightened state of security.

Islam isn’t friendly to women. We already know that. But does that mean the bomber specifically targeted Ariana Grande’s concert because there’d be a lot of girls gathered there? I doubt that.

And for a feminist like Emily Crockett to take the deaths of the men and women, boys and girls, and turn it around and make it about her pet ideology is disgusting in the kindest terms. What next? Are you going to assert that the 9/11 attacks occurred because the hijackers and masterminds didn’t like all those women working in downtown New York City?

Anyone who knows anything about terrorism and the patterns that it has taken in recent decades, especially the Islamic terrorism we’ve seen in the United States and Europe, can readily say the perpetrator picked the venue hoping for a high body count. Because he was likely hoping to outdo previous terrorists in terms of deaths. Thankfully he failed on that mark. But the next terrorist, and there will be a next one, may not.

Because these terrorists don’t care about who they kill, only how many. They want to inflict damage and instill fear in the general population of a country. And to do that, they’ll pick their targets with that goal in mind. Targeting a large venue where a concert is held featuring an internationally acclaimed pop singer is one hell of a way to do that.

But somehow, I guess in the minds of the perpetual victims, somehow they were being targeted. And people wonder why Trump won the election.