Blackhawk SERPA holster

The SERPA holster to me seems to be analogous to Windows Vista with regard to my line of work. I had Vista for… 2 years I think it was on a work laptop before I was issued an upgrade that had 7 on it. Never had any problems with Vista. A lot of people however would say it was junk. Should never have been released. My coworkers at the time would routinely tell me they hated it, had nothing but problems with it, all because they knew I never had an issue. Would even tell me all the ways Vista has blue-screened or crashed on them. And I’d just shrug my shoulders.

Same with this holster. Every time I see another article or video about all the ways this holster can fail, I just shrug my shoulders. Most of the time I just don’t even bother reading the article or video. “Oh my God! Look at this FAILURE with the SERPA!” Okay…. *shrug* For every person who has had a problem, there are likely plenty who haven’t. Like nutnfancy, who routinely uses a SERPA holster and, as far as I’m aware, hasn’t reported having any problems.

Just *looking* at the thing tells you that dirt or mud can absolutely be a problem. It uses a mechanical retention that is exposed on the outside. How can anyone NOT just assume that dirt will likely be a problem?

I didn’t need anyone telling me that the SERPA could jam. Again, it’s a mechanical retention. It can jam. Any holster with a mechanical retention mechanism can jam. Any mechanical *anything* can jam.

But as I’ve never had a problem with it — and I have three — I’ll continue using it. It’s not my primary holster and never will be. Instead my primary is an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0. Love that holster. No issues with it whatsoever. Much better than the Crossbreed I used to have, and a little better than the MTAC I used before the scabbard split.

So….. *shrug*