One question to start it all

Take any problem you can think of in the world. Now let’s not be unrealistic and say things like “global warming” or “world hunger”. Think of something much smaller, preferably local to your area. Do you have something yet? You should be able to visualize the problem and be able to describe it in relatively concrete terms. Do you have one?

You do? Good.

Now, given that problem, ask yourself this question: presuming the government does not exist, and there currently was no option available by which this problem could be addressed (no product or service available that addresses the problem), how could that problem be addressed and solved?

Think hard about the answer to this question. The answer could come from many different angles, but think about it, possibly even collaborate with someone to form the answer. Now, when you have an answer, there is one task left to do.

Take your answer, and start a business. Congratulations, you’re now an entrepreneur, and if you carry your answer into action well enough, you’ll be creating jobs and… stimulating the economy!

That’s right, real economic stimulus comes from the private sector, not the government.