Let’s talk about 2016

So I’m not allowed to talk about my two nephews being born, the new better job I started at the start of the year, delivering a computer project to a friend in Vegas, moving to a better part of the KC metro, and all-in-all doing all kinds of other things that I enjoyed including helping my three teenage nieces with a brand new bed setup?

Seriously, there was plenty of bad that happened in 2016. Not talking about it doesn’t make it go away. Talking about it is how you devise ways of it not happening again.

But you also have to talk about them HONESTLY instead of bullshitting yourself. 2016 showed that plenty on the left were bullshitting themselves while unwittingly setting themselves up for failure and electoral loss. Because they made a lot of assumptions that turned out to not be true.

If you don’t want to talk about 2016, then fine. Go sulk in your corner. But don’t fucking act like nothing good happened in 2016 either. Don’t fucking act like Trump being elected somehow undid all the good that happened in 2016, or the last 6 fucking DECADES for that matter.

If you’re seriously going to be that narrow-minded about things, get off the Internet and go and live a little.