Obama’s scorecard isn’t as great as you think


1. Unemployment is low because of the number of disenfranchised workers who are no longer looking for work, plus the fact that a significant number of those who found jobs after long stints of unemployment aren’t on their previous career paths anymore. In other words, unemployment being low doesn’t mean those who are working are any better off than before. Looking at unemployment to determine the quality of the job market is like looking at GDP to determine the state of the economy.

2. Like the quality of jobs in relation to unemployment, much of the insurance sold on the individual market under Obamacare is, in practicality, worthless. The deductibles are so high that most with these plans will never actually use their insurance. So all these plans do is take *more* from the pockets of those who likely can barely afford to pay it while giving virtually nothing in return.

3. My 401(k) would like to heavily disagree with how well the stock market is doing. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is just an index total and doesn’t represent the full status of the stock market. And the current state of the stock market has many analysts worried it’s forming another bubble.

4. Only if you compare against the deficit for FY 2009. If you exclude FY 2009, all deficits under Obama except for 2015 have been higher than the highest deficit under Bush, and Obama has presided over the largest increases in the national debt in history.

5. It’s lower than it was under Bush, but the current rate of inflation is the same as it was in 2002. This isn’t necessarily a good thing for consumers, and neither were the periods of deflation that were seen in 2009 and for virtually all of 2015.

6. Not quite as much as they think. Revenues for GM and Ford have both held steady since about 2011. Revenue for GM is higher than 2008. Ford, on the other hand, is seeing *lower* revenue compared to 2006 and 2007. About the only reason they can be said to be “booming” is because both Ford and GM tried to shed liabilities by the Billions of dollars from 2009 onward.

7. At what cost? “Clean energy” needs so much in subsidies right now that it would never survive in the free market. It just cannot compete against nuclear energy and fossil fuels when it comes to energy density and energy per dollar.