Not Guilty – My last word on Casey Anthony

Over the last several days there have been a lot of search terms coming into the blog regarding the fact that Casey Anthony was acquitted:

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* * * * *

So many people have become so obsessed about the Casey Anthony verdict. They cannot stand the fact that she was properly acquitted by a jury of her peers. And they are searching desperately for anything, any reason her verdict could be vacated so she can be put back in jail and retried and, hopefully convicted. And those searches I know have been in vain.

Nothing can overturn an acquittal from a jury. Okay. Nothing.

Her acquittal is final. Her acquittal will never be overturned. That is how it works in the United States of America. Be glad that is how it works, because you might someday find yourself in front of a jury who may acquit you for something, and you’ll be thrilled to know that verdict cannot be overturned or vacated.

A “Not guilty” verdict is final. And the jury cannot be touched. The jury cannot be held in contempt for returning a verdict the Court or the people did not like.

* * * * *

To all of you so obsessed about the verdict, so angered by it that you’re looking for anything that can put her back in jail, I have just two words for you: GIVE UP!

Give up. For God’s sake, just give up.