It doesn’t matter

And once again the people have another bone onto which to latch with regard to Casey Anthony…

In the 15-page affidavit obtained by PEOPLE, Dominic Casey alleges that Anthony had a sexual relationship with her attorney before the case went to trial. He claims that he witnessed “a naked Casey” when he arrived at Baez’s office unexpectedly.

In the documents, he also alleges that Baez “told me that Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped the body somewhere and, he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did.”

It’s simply amazing what people will say, even in what is supposed to be a sworn statement given under penalty of perjury. Especially a sworn statement that carries with it some very, very serious allegations.

But all of this is completely immaterial anyway, of absolutely no value whatsoever. Well the allegations of a sexual relationship isn’t entirely immaterial, as, if there is actually evidence that occurred, it can get Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, disbarred. Needless to say, Baez has pushed back, calling the claim “libelous” and saying that legal action is “forthcoming”.

But the one thing that no one seems to want to settle in their mind is the simple fact that Casey Anthony was acquitted. This means that she cannot be touched. That is why this statement by the private investigator, whether true or not, ultimately doesn’t matter.

Not one bit.

It won’t convene a new trial that would again subject her to jeopardy because it isn’t evidence of guilt. At minimum, it’s hearsay, meaning it’s completely unreliable as evidence, provided it’s truthful. If it isn’t, as Baez has already said, it’s libel.

And don’t bring up the idea of a Federal prosecution either. I’ve already tackled that idea. Twice. Isn’t it time she just fade away into obscurity?