An observation

First, let’s define a couple things.

Pure capitalism and the free market mean that the market participants determine who of the market competitors survives. The competitors must adapt to a change in demand, try to change the demand in their favor, or die trying. Capitalism has been vulgarly called "economic Darwinism".

Natural selection says virtually the same thing about life, except on a much grander scale. If the environment conditions change, you must adapt with them, finding a better way to survive. In the wild, predators move with their prey. If they don’t they starve and die off. The same if they are not able to find adequate shelter when it is needed. Those who are better able to make use of their environment are more likely to survive.

So capitalism and the free market can be said to be the economic equivalent of evolution. Socialism and communism, then, are the economic equivalents of intelligent design and creationism.

Why then does it appear that those who are more likely to support evolution tend to also support socialism more than capitalism? Conversely, why are those in the "religious right", who support capitalism and the free markets more than socialism, more likely to be creationists?

Something does not add up.