Words of a politician

One thing that I feel is rather telling is how Republicans and social conservatives are reacting in a rather predictable fashion to revelations of things that Obama has said when he presumed the conversation was private. The question that springs to mind is simply this — what kind of ill-worded statements originating from President Bush’s or any Republican or social conservative’s lips disappeared into history without being recorded in some fashion? What kind of personality revelations could have been made for which the evidence supporting such revelations is now forever lost?

The various reactions make it seem like Republicans and conservatives view themselves as favored among the people and their representatives favored among all who have been elected, like they hold some special place. “How dare the President speak ill of Republicans?” is the underlying question among the various statements and comments. And how arrogant of the conservatives and Republicans who, even if unspoken or unrealized, hold such a thought in their mind.

And yes, before you comment, I realize that Democrats have held similar views, but it seems much more pronounced with Republicans and conservatives for some reason.

The President, like every other politician in every government in the United States and beyond, has strong feelings about various things and ideas, and he will, from time to time, voice those opinions. Speaking in impolite and unkind words toward the competition and opposition is nothing new. Far from it. And conservatives and Republicans are certainly not above that. How dare they hold a “holier than thou” complex when it comes to such language and choice of words. Remember the reaction to Biden’s “f-bomb”?

What I would like to see the President do, however, is voice those opinions openly instead of in a private conversation. Bring his feelings, as strong as they might be, out into the genuine open instead of holding back and providing a charismatic front with abridged and choice statements. And it’s a challenge I’ll gladly issue to any politician, regardless of political affiliation or lack thereof.

If I were to run for an elected office, my hope would be that I would have the courage and conviction to speak my true thoughts on a matter, though in a somewhat collected and comprehensible manner, mind you, instead of resorting to talking points and bickering. And if I were a Congressman or Senator, or even President (perish that thought!), I would want to be able to speak my true mind and use my typical language — including all manners of vulgarities and epithets — if my true feelings on a matter drive me to do so, but without fear of political repercussions with my constituents.

And if I were to do such a thing, you know the press would be all over my manner of argument instead of the argument itself.

However it would not surprise me if a politician willing to use such language instead of holding back on their words would favor better among a constituency against an opponent who feels he must tone down his language and must reserve his true words for private conversation. His constituency has every right to hear his true words on a matter, however, his constituency has no right to judge his fitness for office based purely on the words he chooses. So allow me to start.

Both the Democrats and Republicans need to be absolutely honest with the American people about how red the ink actually is with regard to the country’s finances. Then, they need to get their fucking act together and come up with a plan that will correct the problem within a predictable time frame. We’re talking about a $14 trillion debt. That isn’t going away overnight, but we cannot allow it to continue to grow. Politicians of all calibers need to grow some fucking balls, tell it like it is, and stop talking down to us like we’re all infantile, inbred, unintelligent peons.

And further, the American people need to stop reacting like infantile, inbred, unintelligent peons whenever the government says that they cannot have what they want.

Yes I’m dropping the “f-bomb”, but it’s my blog and if I want to use the word “fuck” or any other vulgarity or epithet here, then I will. I reserve the right to use whatever language I so choose to get my point across. I’d like to see the President use such language in the State of the Union address. Will that ever happen? Unlikely, but what a breath of fresh air in politics it would be if that were to happen. Let’s see Senators and Representatives use it on the floor of their respective houses. They get heated in debates, I understand that, but they are still reserved in their language? Why? Why be reserved when you can be honest?

Fuck those who say that we must be reserved in our language “for the good of the children”. And fuck those politicians who choose to be reserved in their language instead of speaking their true feelings to avoid “upsetting the community”. Let’s see a politician with enough backbone to say how they truly feel, out in public where everyone can hear it, with all the glorious vulgarities and epithets they so choose, so long as they present their arguments in an otherwise clear and comprehensible manner.