To all Christians

To all Christians,

On March 11, 2011, about a thousand citizens of Japan lost their lives when an earthquake erupted in the floor of the Pacific, sending a tsunami cascading not only toward Japan, but also toward Hawaii. In Japan there is concern about a nuclear power plant that sustained damage due to the tsunami. Thankfully the damage was nowhere near what it could have been.

However, if you feel the need or desire to have a Jerry Falwell moment and blame the tsunami on the fact that very little of Japan is Christian, then please do us all a favor and send yourself to your maker. This tsunami could have been far worse, both on Japan and the United States. Instead of trying to be a badass Christian by saying that this tsunami is part of “God’s wrath upon the world”, please keep your mouth shut. Contribute to the solution instead of trying to make the situation worse.

I dare any Christian to walk up to any family in Japan who lost a member due to this tsunami and say: “I’m sorry for your loss, but if he were a Christian, perhaps he would’ve been spared.” When you take the Falwell stance to tragedies such as the Japan tsunami, this is essentially what you are saying. You are blaming the dead for getting killed.

So to any Christians who feel like having thoughts similar to the comments Falwell and Robertson spewed forth after Katrina, please do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier. The world will be much better off without you.