Thank you, FedEx

I’ve written about FedEx a few times, including going so far as to write a couple articles talking about a complaint I had against them in late Q3 2014 (here and it’s followup). However I believe that when a company does something right or positively unexpected that they deserve public praise as well.

I ordered two surplus computers from Arrow Direct, one on January 27, the other on January 28. One of them will ultimately be returned because I got an order cancellation request in too late. Anyway, Arrow Direct shipped the computers FedEx Ground. Typically this is their slowest service. And even for packages coming a short distance away, they’ve sometimes still taken almost half a week to get here. That’s why I’ve typically favored UPS for shipments over FedEx, and will gladly pay a couple dollars more for that.

FedEx sent the shipment alert e-mails the night of January 28, showing they were shipping from Columbus, Ohio, with an expected delivery date of the following Monday, February 1. The following morning after they were shipped, I went into my FedEx account and redirected the packages to be held at my local 24-hour FedEx Office — it’s just a lot more convenient doing that when you live in an apartment complex.

The morning of January 30, when I’m writing this, I had a voice mail, text message, and e-mail alerts from FedEx telling me the packages were ready for pick-up. They were shipped FedEx Ground, and the packages were delivered in 2 days, on a Saturday.

Thank you, FedEx.