Praying for me

Anyone who’s read a bit of this blog knows how I feel about prayer. Several who know me know that I’ve used words more harsh than I’ve published here to describe and discuss it. However I know that there are many strong-willed Christians who still won’t take the hint, so I have an idea.

First, for the purpose of this post, I’ll temporarily grant the presumption that God exists and does answer prayer. On that mark, I am probably very, very low on his list of people for whom prayer is actually needed. In other words, you could be spamming God’s inbox with tons of prayers for which he just hits his divine “delete” key. So instead of praying for me and crowding God’s inbox even more (which, if he’s like anyone who gets e-mail or any other kind of message, this likely pisses him off to no end), how about taking the moment you’d otherwise be praying for me and putting that time to use by sending a donation to a charity.

Now do I have any particular charity in mind? Well donate money to your favorite charity, a little more than normal (this is a new prayer, after all), or if you don’t have a charity in mind, how about helping children across the world with their medical costs by donating to the First Hand Foundation (link below and at right under Charities).

The First Hand Foundation is a charity organization owned and administered by the company that employs me. Their administrative costs are entirely absorbed by their parent corporation, so 100% of any money you donate will go to help some child in need.

This is the kind of prayer that I and many other will appreciate, because you’ll actually be doing some good in the world instead of flooding God’s divine inbox with prayer spam. And I won’t mind if you tell me you’ve donated to them.

So visit the foundation’s web site and look around and read about the kind of work they do to help people and give a little of yourself to help them.

Link: First Hand Foundation – click on “support our mission” to make a donation.