Ingenuity and electrical tape

There are times where a little knowledge can save you some money. I have a beard/mustache trimmer that I bought back in 2004, over six years old, well past warranty. Well in recent months it hasn’t worked at all.

So the question came down to this: see what’s wrong with what I have or go out and buy a new one? Well since cracking open the one I’ve got wouldn’t take long, and it was out of warranty anyway, why not see what I could do for it?

So I popped it open and noticed a Nickel-Cadmium AA battery soft-welded to a couple wires. Should be simple enough to replace right?

The connectors were easy to snip loose, and with a couple strips of electrical tape, I had them connected to different kind of re-chargeable AA battery. Now I have a perfectly working trimmer that I don’t have to replace. And when the battery dies, I’ll just need to pull it out and tape in a new one. Sure it’s a little bit of work, but it’s something that should only have to be done every couple months.

And I saved about $30 in the process from not having to buy a new trimmer.

Note: remember do your part for the environment by taking any expended batteries to a recycling center for proper disposal. Don’t just throw them in the trash.