Congressman Steve King

Congressman King,

Let me say this in advance of everything else: I hope you lose in November, but I fear you might win re-election. The people of Iowa, and particularly the Iowa 5th Congressional District, are poorly served with you as their representative.

You appear to care more about making headlines than you do about actually accomplishing anything of value. You’ve been in Congress since 2003, yet you have not accomplished anything more than garnering the, mostly negative, attention of the press.

Add to this the little honor and unending arrogance you have displayed on the campaign trail and I really start to question how you keep getting re-elected, as I doubt your constituents are as low as you, and I certainly hope I won’t be proven wrong. I personally know several constituents in your district, including my own parents, plus I used to live in your district, so I know not everyone in your district is as low as you.

However, I never voted for you. And even if the opportunity were to arise again wherein your name is on a ballot I am to fill out to exercise my right to vote, your name won’t be getting the checkmark.


In 2004 and 2006 someone I knew professionally and was pleased to call a colleague was your Democrat opponent for your seat in Congress: E. Joyce Shulte, a former staffer with the Student Support Services office of Southwestern Community College in Creston, Iowa. In 2004 I voted for Joyce, but in 2006 I had moved to Boswell’s district so was unable to vote against you.

Do you remember what you said on the campaign trail about Ms Shulte? You didn’t consider her a "real candidate".

Add to this recent reports that your current opponent hasn’t "earned" a debate.1 Excuse me, Mr Congressman, but when do your opponents earn debates? It’s part of the normal political process, something that, as has been pointed out by your opponent2, you’ve stealthily evaded for the entire time you’ve been running for Congress.

But that’s not the extent of your arrogance. Oh no, no, no… as much for Iowa’s sanity I wish it were, it’s only an ice cube compared to the ice berg you’ve managed to create.

Let’s see… you

among many, many, many other examples pointed out by bloggers and journalists. You’ve become a running gag on many different web sites and blogs, most of which are liberally-aligned, I will admit, but that’s because conservatives seem to be glossing over much of what you say.

Wow you make me glad I never voted for you. Come Election Day, I’ll be drinking a toast to your defeat. Yeah, it’ll likely be in vain, but a man can dream, right?